your personal brand

Social media and the internet are the perfect way to visually communicate to your audience all about you and your business. Headshots don’t tell the whole story, your clients want to see the real person behind the business, they want to get to know you. With images from a personal branding session they will see how you work, your products and you being you, doing what you love. They will see all of this without even meeting you!

Every person is different, every business is different. my aim is to reflect this in your images, I want your photographs to communicate naturally and accurately what you are about, what makes you tick and what makes your business unique. It’s a powerful tool to be able to do this instantly, and with well thought through, insightful photographs you can do just that.

Because the shoot is all about documenting what you do naturally, there’s not so much posing. You can get on with your work and I will photograph you working. If it’s a product you sell, we can take product photos as well as some relaxed photos of you. My shoots are always relaxed and I always have fun, so hopefully you will too!

From a personal branding photoshoot you will have around 100 images, more than enough to use throughout your website, plus
more to drip feed through social media and blog posts. No more stress sourcing images with the added bonus that your audience will see a beautiful, cohesive look and feel that is spot on brand.

Claire has such a beautiful way of capturing the perfect moment in time. You can clearly see this in her photography but what you may not realise is how awesome she is as a person. The experience of having a shoot with her is laid back, exciting and such a laugh! I have worked with so many photographers in the past but none have a way of making you feel at ease like Claire does. I think that’s how she captures magic.. by being her natural self. I can recommend her to anyone wanting natural, beautiful images that capture the moment in time in its true form. Priceless experience, priceless pictures.