I photograph these two every couple of years, and have done since Joe was born. I absolutely love seeing the family and catching up on what they’ve been up to, and seeing how much the boys have grown.

Much like my two were at that age, they never stop running around! It’s great to see so much energy and fun and not a tablet in sight. We went to Abbey Gardens, in Bury St Edmunds. I’d never been here before so the boys loved showing me all their favourite bits to see.

My aim for any family photoshoot is to let the children do what they want to do, so I can photograph them naturally and the photos in the final edit are a true representation of life at that time for the family. These sorts of photos are great to look back on in years to come. I certainly do with the photos I took of my two years ago and they always make me smile. It’s easy to forget the little tings they do and how siblings interact with each other and visual reminders like these photos are great for bringing it all back.

Please get in touch if your’e interested in a family shoot. Prices from £120 for an hour which includes the edited, print ready images, definitely an affordable investment for memories you can keep forever.