I love taking photos of children. I’m a mum myself and I’m aware how quickly time goes as your children grow up. I took so many photos of my boys when they were little and I love looking at them now. You forget all the expressions and moods and laughs and missing front teeth and it is so great to have a record of it all. 

It’s not the stand there and smile photos, it’s the knee deep in mud and falling over, the climbing a tree or splashing in the sea, or the everyday moments, playing quietly, running round the garden, the falling asleep at the end of the day. These are the bits I love to photograph. The little bits that make your child beautiful.

“Claire has such a beautiful way of capturing the perfect moment in time. You can clearly see this in her photography but what you may not realise is how awesome she is as a person. The experience of having a shoot with her is laid back, exciting and such a laugh! I have worked with so many photographers in the past but none have a way of making you feel at ease like Claire does. I think that’s how she captures magic.. by being her natural self. I can recommend her to anyone wanting natural, beautiful images that capture the moment in time in its true form. Priceless experience, priceless pictures.”


I can spend an hour with you or longer, it’s entirely up to you. The photographs will be natural and unposed, life as it is. We’ll have a chat, I’ll make friends with your child or children so they feel comfortable having me around and you can let them do what they do while I photograph them. A lot of the families I have photographed have asked me back to take more photos every year or so. This is a massive compliment, and great to catch up and watch your children grow.

Please get in touch if you want to chat about a photoshoot, sessions start from £60.